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We have been developing and teaching aesthetic relational exercises at museums, universities and alternative art spaces in New York and Boston since 2010. We engage a range of practices and disciplines, challenging the dichotomy between community-based projects and studio art. At the heart of our collaboration lies an approach to observational drawing and art making based in protocols, scores and other generative programs adapted from the fields of dance and movement awareness. This combined practice enhances perception and opens up possibilities for drawing by nourishing the connection between vision and our other senses. We come to experience what we see in the context of what we feel, hear and smell, what we can remember, imagine and depict.

Joshua Hart’s approach to drawing is grounded in Renaissance techniques, while encompassing all modes of mark-making and simple acts like making pancakes or turning one’s pockets inside out.

Helen Miller intervenes in the patterns that underlie our everyday behavior, most recently posting instructions for movement in public buildings.

Chris Moffett engages the imagery of education, the ways we imagine forming and being formed by our environments—sitting in a chair, for instance, or refusing to sit still.

ARE at the Whitney Museum