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Untitled (Walking)
5-channel video installation

I attached borrowed cellphones to myself, pressed record, and walked around the studio. The resulting footage, projected onto a collection of pedestals, pictures the pronounced rhythm and variety inherent in walking, normally experienced as constant. The moving objects, images, sounds and changing perspectives are reminiscent of Paul Cezanne and David Hockney’s still life and also invert Bruce Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square (1967). Where Nauman adopted constraints from Minimalism, Art, Architecture and “the studio” to direct and offset his movements, Untitled (Walking) takes the body’s own measurements and movements as determining factors. Nauman creates a picture of contrasts, juxtaposing geometry – the Square – and organic form – the S Curve – while Untitled (Walking) locates geometry in the turning, self-contained circles of biological activity itself.

Cellphones, projectors, speakers, pedestals.

Location: Linden Street Studios