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Feldenkrais for Dance & Everyday
Green Street Studios
9.14.16 - 12.21.16

This series will include lessons particularly relevant to dancers. We will explore the biological foundations of turnout, joint mobility, spinal dynamics and rhythm, counterbalance and sequencing, among other fundamentals of movement. The class can be used as a warm-up for rigorous dance practice or simply as a way to recalibrate after computer work. Your capacity to sense the organization of the body in motion–and stillness–will expand with each lesson. You will learn new ways to follow and inspire complex movement combinations in your own dance and the movement of fellow dancers. If you are looking to (re)discover pain-free movement or to avoid future injury, this could be the back-to-the-basics class for you.

Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30pm
Sept 14 – Dec 14*

*no class October 12 (for Lion’s Jaw performance + dance festival) and November 23 

All payments made directly to Green Street Studios
Drop-ins $17.50/class or you can purchase a 10-class card for $150

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