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Drawing & Movement
Industry City

Movement and drawing enhance our awareness of the relationship between visual and tactile sensitivity.

As both artist and model, we gain a more integrated sense of the interplay between anatomical structure and function.

New and experienced drawers are invited to explore working principles of movement in this two day laboratory.

In figure drawing, there is often an emphasis placed on maintaining a sense of the whole. Can you attend to the entire figure, rather than allowing your attention to fragment? Can you subordinate the infinitely engaging parts to your overall sense of the form?

What happens if we expand this understanding of the bigger picture to include not just the person being drawn but the person drawing? What happens if we bring our attention not just to the figure, object or scene but to the relationships established between artist and model?

By bringing our attention to how we move while we draw, our movements become more receptive. We see more variety and subtlety in our mark-making.

This lab will immerse us, over two full days, in a sensory exploration of fundamental principles of movement in drawing. Alternately drawing and practicing basic actions like rolling to the side, reaching and breathing, we will develop our capacity to find and maintain a sense of the whole and a sense of relationship in our own movement and drawing.

Two days 9-5pm. Charcoal, newsprint, drawing boards, Pilates mats, balls.

Industry City, Building 10