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Head, Shoulders, Hands and Fingers, Knees and Toes
Berklee College of Music

In this Feldenkrais and drawing workshop, we will begin by drawing our attention to the subtle and revealing movement of our musical instruments. We might ask–as you have no doubt asked many times before–how do we hold these instruments? How do we hold ourselves, our hands, as we play? Where does the skillful manipulation of our fingers begin? What about the pelvis, the undulation of the spine, the opening and closing of the eyes and the connection of our feet to the floor? Following a short movement lesson we will explore how drawing might take the place of playing and provide a new lens through which to consider these questions.

2 hour session. Drawing boards, paper, pencil, musical instruments.

The Loft, Berklee College of Music

Richard Ehrman Memorial Feldenkrais Series at Berklee