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Working Drawing
Arts @ 29 Garden Harvard University
January 2015

Mark-making and movement are hallmarks of drawing. They are also fundamental to how we navigate and engage with the world. This work of drawing shows itself in a rough draft or to-do list but also underlies our more elaborate disciplinary practices: a musical score, an architectural rendering, a calculus equation, and so on. It’s not just that everyone can draw, it’s that we never stop drawing.

It makes sense, then, to improve this fundamental process. In this January Intensive, we will examine and refine the function of drawing in our academic and extracurricular pursuits. We will begin with figure drawing and movement techniques, nourishing the connection between vision and our other senses. In the second half of the course, we will see how this embodied drawing plays out in your particular fields of interest. How do the relationships between artist and model, paper and pencil, carry over into writing or lab research or dance or field work?

Drawings made in this class will be incorporated into a workshop on art and ergonomics to be held at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in April 2015.

Friday thru Friday except for Monday, 10am-5pm. Charcoal, newsprint, drawing boards, puzzle mats, chairs, rollers, kickballs, skeleton, buildings, sidewalk.

Arts @ 29 Garden January Arts Intensives 2015