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Scholar’s Posture
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Harvard University

I can’t see you from up here. It’s difficult to move around in these tightly packed chairs. Let’s go out into the studio…. Find a stool or chair that fits. Notice the height of the chair. Would you prefer it to be higher, lower? Try another chair. Sit back. Sit up. Get comfortable. Now come to the edge of your seat. Look to your right, and come back to the middle. Look to your left. Feel your contact with the chair change. See if you can keep your gaze in line with your head as you turn. Notice when your gaze skips ahead or drops behind. What happens if you leave your head behind and just turn your gaze… and vice versa….

2 hour session. Chairs, drawing boards, newsprint, charcoal.

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning