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Drawing Architecture: Feeling & Form
Harvard Graduate School of Design

The modern proposition is a kind of self-consciousness in the act of doing, and work in the aesthetic fields since the adoption of that proposition has served to destabilize—or perforate—the boundaries between observer, observed and observing. This introductory drawing workshop prioritizes empathy and introduces strategies for aligning our tactile, visual and auditory sense. By approaching architecture through sensation and movement, we stretch what we can know of surface and structure, feeling and form. In particular, we develop a sensory acuity for perspective, not as a technical array or conceptual skill-set, but as an ongoing relational aesthetic.

Wednesday-Friday, 2-6pm. Charcoal, newsprint, drawing boards, puzzle mats, chairs, rollers, kickballs, skeleton, sidewalk.

Location: Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

GSD Course Bulletin – January 2015 – 00007: Drawing Architecture: Feeling and Form