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B/ Balance
Storefront for Somatic Practice


Bill Arcand and Kate Faulkner are coming back to Cambridge from Studio Helix in Northhampton to lead the second in a series of three afternoon workshops, this one
on the role of Balance in everyday activity and exercise. Bill is a fitness instructor, martial artist and boxing coach with over thirty years of experience teaching
somatics. His involved study of Chinese movement arts such as Tai Chi inform his holistic approach to wellness. Kate is a massage therapist, physical therapist and
Pilates teacher trainer. She holds a BA in dance and has performed and choreographed throughout the Northeast. Kate and Bill’s teaching is open to anyone though may
be especially relevant to Feldenkrais students, somatic practitioners and choreographers exploring their own movement in relationship to the movement of others
 Movement is the basis of all physical activity, and balance is an important factor in achieving successful movement. Good control of our body position increases
efficiency and effectiveness of motion.
This 3.5 hour workshop will help you to understand the elements of balance and provide strategies and exercises to improve the following:
– Improve internal and external awareness of your body
– Experience reduced muscle tension
– Rediscover your ability to move with more stability and less effort
– Minimize falling
– Learn to lower and lift yourself to the floor, or chair, more gracefully and safely
– Observe in yourself what you notice in the movement of your clients, and vice versa


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