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86 South St. 5A

We start with a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Breathing Lesson in sitting on chairs and move into Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI) inspired tapping through the skeleton from heels to head, alternating lying on the floor. We spend a good amount of time but less than expected scraping stickers off the closet door in Billy Jimena’s son’s room, sitting cross-legged, hands on each other’s shoulders as reminders not to tense up or work too hard. This is kind of like the “witnessing” work of Authentic Movement, in that the mover can’t see the witness, except that we’re seeing with our hands, touching as lightly or with as light a touch as seeing often occurs in Authentic Movement.

Next taking boxes of books out of storage, up the service elevator, and onto bookshelves – squatting, lifting, carrying, squatting and lifting.

Jimena Canales, Helen Miller