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Gerhard Richter, Six Grey Mirrors No. 884/1-6, 2003. Dia Art Foundation.


We participate in art through movement. We lean into view a painting more closely. Our eyes wander over a sculpture as we walk around it. In Work as Action, Franz Erhard Walther foregrounds this aspect of our participation by asking us to literally and figuratively step into the work.


Likewise, moving is a part of making art. We stand on one foot and then the other as our drawing hand lifts and drops. Paying attention to our movements as we draw, we learn something about our habits and discover ways of moving differently. The way we move in making art is related to the way we move in life, a theme taken up by the choreography of Yvonne Rainer.


In this lab, participants will study movement in the context of drawing. We will begin by lying down and attending to our own movement, before partnering up to draw the movements of others. The drawings that emerge will be a record of this mutual investigation into collective action, perception, and art making.


Dia:Beacon Community Free Day